Saturday, March 16, 2013

Growing vegetables in small spaces

As this blog grows to one that encompasses the notion of being "vegetarian", one of the objectives is to achieve "farm to table" which in this case, to bring a small backyard vegetable garden to the table.

With vegetarian cooking and recipes being featured occasionally, there will be also gardening posts in the future to be shared from the perspective of us - two novice gardeners.

In the direction of limited budget and time, we hope to have at least some vegetables successfully grown in our backyard this year.

This planter bed is not huge but it came with the home. So we are going to make full use of it - at least try!

Depending on the space you have for Urban Gardening, you can always select the type of raised garden bed that is suitable for you. For example, this Lifetime Raised Garden Bed Kit can be ideal for some of you. It is a stackable garden bed with one early start enclosure. There are even no tools required for assembly, and you have a full garden set-up in less than an hour. It is also constructed of UV-protected high-density polyethylene and will not rot, crack or peel.

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