Friday, July 15, 2011

Kale-Berry-Melon Popsicles

Replace "no. of servings" of vegetables and fruits with "popsicles" of vegetables and fruits. How many "popsicles" of vegetables and fruits did you have today?

For me, personally, these kale ice pops (popsicles) are better than kale chips. I usually make smoothie out of kale and other fruits but decided to make some yogurt-based kale ice popsicles one day.

Cook's Note: Learn to read your yogurt label. Make sure the major components in your yogurt are Milk and Live Cultures. I do not like aspartame (and/or other sweeteners) in my yogurt. Honey is ok but other sweeteners, preferably not. Also, I do not like low-fat dairies (low-fat milk taste like water! don't you think so?). I enjoy my whole milk and plain whole milk yogurt. :) oops!