Monday, March 25, 2013

Bird Netting for Vegetables Raised Bed

There was a bad experience of birds that attacked our seedlings late last year, so before even planting begins this year, there are some precautions to take - setting up a bird netting over the raised bed is one of them.

It is not an expensive solution and the entire bird net is easy to set up. You start with pushing two ends of the bamboo hoops into the soil, securing them in the soil, each hoop at equal-distance across the planter bed.  These hoops are multifunctional and are able to provide stable support for long-stemmed plants and climbers as well. As the material is bamboo, they are suitable for outdoor use and will not rust easily.

When the bamboo hoops are secured, lay the bird net carefully over the bamboo. It will look something like this.

These Bamboo U-Hoops from Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) are about $5 and the Bird Netting from Lowes is  about $6, which sets our bird netting at just under $12.

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