Monday, October 10, 2011

Sesame Oil White Pepper Steamed Potatoes

"Amazing colors!" first thoughts on getting the samples from Tasteful Selections some time ago.

Growing up in Asia, potato is really not my kind of staple or ingredient (Rice is!). But I was excited to try these potatoes especially when they are petite, cute, fast to prep and easy to cook. 

Have you tried Steamed Potatoes? Yes, you heard me right. S-T-E-A-M-E-D Potatoes!

Steamed Potatoes, from An Escape to Food
Ingredients: 10 small (fingerling) potatoes, lightly rinsed (Note: these potatoes have already been pre-washed, so minimal rinsing when it comes to prep in the kitchen), thinly sliced; drizzle of soy sauce; dash of white pepper; drizzle of sesame oil; organic green and red bell peppers, finely diced as garnish (and for mild flavors)

Sunrise Medley Potatoes*

Directions: Set the steamer ready. Layer thin slices of potatoes on a plate or wide-area baking dish (photo above). After each layer, drizzle a little soy sauce and dash of ground white pepper over the potato layers. When the water in the steamer is boiling, place the dish into the steamer, cover steamer and steam for about 15 minutes (Note1: At about the 10th minute, sprinkle the diced bell peppers over the potatoes, cover the steamer, then continue steaming for the last 5 mins). When done, drizzle a little sesame oil over the potatoes.

It is so amazingly delicious, and I assure you - you don't need a difficult recipe to taste freshness and deliciousness! The soft-but-not-mushy textures are perfect as well.


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